Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November part 1 (mostly pictures)

We were spoiled by having my Mom come for 3 weeks during November.  We worked hard while she was here and painted my kitchen/living room and all the ceilings on our main floor. 
We tried to do something each morning, and then would spend the afternoons working on the painting.  Some mornings mom woke up before us all (and we get up early) and painted early.  I seriously don't know what I would have done without her, because painting with two little curious "helper" boys is tricky.  

We showed her Golden, Co.

We went to the museum of life and science.
And did some shopping.
Up Buffalo Bill's mountain (Lookout mountain)

To Tracen's soccer a few times.

And Mom even babysat a few times so Luke and I could go on a few dates. 
We went to the zoo.
And we spent time making Christmas treats, like caramel, fudge and dipped some chocolates.
One night Luke went to a football game and I had plans of us having a girls night, but we were both so tired from all we had been doing that it didn't quite go as planned and I ended up asleep on the couch.  We made up for it by going out for dinner another night and getting a bunch of appetizers, and my favorite - POUTINE.

Tracen has been so excited about us finally getting snow and he asks everyday if he can go and shovel, he is quite a good little shoveler.

And then Dad, Jenelle and Erika, Jamie and Chet came to spend American Thanksgiving with us... more to come about that.