Wednesday, January 20, 2016

More December

December seemed to fly by.  Maybe it is because we left almost half-way through to go to Canada, or just because it is a busy season.  We had some friends over to decorate some cookies. 
Jack and Rai played with sprinkles, and the little round sprinkles are the hardest to sweep and vacuum off the floor, they just fly everywhere.  I am sure there are still sprinkles hanging out on the floor. 

Tracen had his Christmas program.  It was SO cute, and they learned 8 songs that they performed so well.  The teachers did such a good job with the props and Tracen did good with most of the actions and I enjoyed seeing him sing all the songs I had heard snippets of at home (and learning what the real words to some of the songs were).
We had Luke's work party, which was a great excuse to dress up and go downtown. 

These are the best photo's we got before we left hahaha.

Along with the candlelight walk, Golden also does many Christmas parades, and I am so glad that we got to go to one of them this year, we will be back next year, and maybe sit closer to the start of the parade so they still have Candy Canes and other stuff left to throw out. 

Tracen started to tell me that he wished i could be a "mommy helper" in his class like the other kids moms.  It is tough with his preschool being during Rai's naps (and not being able to take Rai with me), so we finally made it work and I got to go the day of their Christmas party.  They surprised the kids with having Comet the Reindeer come, it was a great surprise and led up to them each having a few minutes to talk with Santa. 

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