Thursday, January 7, 2016

November - Thanksgiving week

My mistake - I didn't realize that I never finished blogging about November.  I had uploaded all the photos so long ago that I just assumed they were blogged.

The end of November was amazing.  We were so lucky to have Jamie, Erika, Dad and Jenelle join us (and Mom who was still here) the weekend before Thanksgiving, and then Chet made it later in the week.  We sure loved having a full house and we ate so much good food that our bellies were happy too.  

Making butter horns.

I am sure that I have more pictures somewhere, but we went and checked out the Red Rocks amphitheater, Dad says he will come back just for that. 
We walked around Golden and ate at Woody's Pizza.  

Tracen had expressed many times that he thought that Papahashi would love his museum, and I bought the family museum pass and we all got in with it (I think that trip paid for our museum pass twice by itself). 

One day after watching Tracen play soccer (run free on a soccer field with 30 other 3-5 year olds and the mayhem that ensues when all their water bottles are in a hula hoop and it is water break) we went to Hammonds for the free tour.  Around Christmas time it is a lot busier than when we went before, but that is because Santa gets his candy canes from there, or because there are free giant candy cane samples.  
This is also when I forgot to bring an extra diaper for Rai, and he had a real stinker, I made Luke ask a lady for one, and she reluctantly agreed to give us one.  Then later I found one in my purse... Luke was so mad at me. 

I knew there were more pictures from Red Rocks... I just realized that these photos are all out of order. 

Dad with James Taylor's signed guitar
I sure miss this:

Of all the places we could have moved, we moved somewhere with a Operation Christmas Child warehouse and we were able to keep tradition alive and go help with shoeboxes.  

It was fun to also bake and make some Holiday things with Mom and the girls. Jenelle brought some callebaut chocolate with her and we made chocolates. 

And pies for Thanksgiving. 

I think our Thanksgiving meal turned out delicious, and it was nice to have Dad here to take care of the turkey for me, and everyone else to help.  

We even ventured out on Thanksgiving to see if we could get some deals, and we did.  No where that we went was busy at all

We were blessed with lots of white snow for Thanksgiving, and Tracen seriously likes nothing better than a reason to shovel.  We got him his own little shovel, and it works better than the adult one, and he is actually getting pretty good at it, until he gets distracted - which happens a lot. 

We spent most nights dancing to Just Dance, and we bought Just Dance 2016 and it provided much needed exercise, and entertainment. 
It was a sad day when our guests started trying to go home, first was Mom and Dad and Jenelle.  This picture has to stay small because we have no make up on.

After everyone left we ventured downtown to Luke's office, Union Station and a great southern style restaurant (opened by Justin Timberlake) for lunch.   

Batman was spotted at lunch:

It was such a great week, and we were sad to have our house left empty again, but we hope everyone will come back again, our doors are always open. 


Mariko said...

I love this post! Your cute kids. Your cute house with its cute decorations. Your amazing family. And your fun adventures.

jaqeerae said...

Yay! I found that you posted on your blog! Very cute stories and photos. I saw reference to some of the stories you told me in person. We didn't get to see you at Christmas after all, but hope it was awesome!