Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The beginning of December

We kicked off December with finally decorating our Christmas tree that had been sitting in our living room for a week or so.  The number of ornaments we have is few, and they had to be placed in the upper half of the tree because of Rai, but Tracen loved it all the same.  Tracen was so cute and enthused about everything Christmas - it was so much fun. 

The best picture I got of them in front of the tree, well them by the tree.  Tracen had this great idea of popping out. 

Peeko the Elf spent the holiday season with us.  Unlike some elves, Peeko just moves to different places each day, and does pretty much nothing else. Tracen was thrilled to see that Peeko even made it to Grammie's house in Canada for Christmas.  Rai still wakes up and wants to find Peeko each morning. 

Rai started an awful habit of waking up at 5:30 a.m.  We broke the habit in Canada and he was sleeping in till 8 somedays, but since we have been back in Colorado he has started to wake up early again. 

I had heard that Golden, Co does a lot of cool Christmas things and they like to maintain the feel of community and small town-ness (not a real word) and so we went and joined thousands of others on the Candlelight walk.  Santa led the way and we walked down the main street in Golden with our candle's lit and singing Christmas carols. 

We got to the creek and waited for all the lights to be turned on by Santa himself and ended the night with an impressive firework show.  After we got hot chocolate and Wendy's and although it was a late night for the boys (which meant a grumpy morning after),  I can't wait to do it again next year. 

We had about a week without visitors and then we had Jacqui and Raj come and visit for a few days.  It was so nice of them to come and visit and we had a good time showing them some of our favorite places to eat, playing Just Dance and learning new board games.  I can't believe how mild the winter has been, and we went to the Zoo with them (sans coats).

Rai spent most of the month of December in this cupboard making a mess.  I need to just move it all, but I don't know where to move it to yet.  


Radfords said...

Golden sounds so quant and adorable!! I wouldn't hate it if it became our Christmas tradition also! ;) I am on Zillow every night and Colorado has some pretty great properties... Now if we could just get a job there, well now that would be just perfect!

Jamie said...

Tracen has a lot of good ideas, especially popping out from behind the tree.
I also noticed that in you picture with the 'welcome to Golden' sign, there's a person in a light blue coat in the bottom left corner, wearing her hood, and then she has her toque on top- her ideas aren't as good as Tracen's.

jaqeerae said...

We had fun visiting you! Thanks for featuring us in your post. I pretty much feel like a celeb now. We can't wait to eat at the place again.... I usually don't forget the name. Looking forward to more posts!