Monday, February 1, 2016

Christmas part 2

After the Nativity we headed to my parents, where we spent the next week.  The boys were good to go to bed (Tracen knew Santa wouldn't come unless he was asleep).

It was not as early of a morning as we expected, but still early.  Tracen was SO excited to see that Santa had come and found us even though we weren't at our house. 

Tracen wore this face of excitement opening all the presents

The rest of the week was spent with sick boys, and playing lots of games, watching movies, doing puzzles and eating lots of good food. 
We got to enjoy the Kwasney tradition of basketball and a pot luck on Boxing Day.  My bestie Jess was there with her kids. It made me laugh to think of all the time that Jess and I used to spend going to basketball games to watch boys (mostly Luke for me haha) and we were doing it again but now with kids. 

Tracen had his heart set on a remote control monster truck for Christmas. Much to our dismay the battery literally only lasts about 12 minutes (the instructions say so too) and takes a couple hours to charge.  Maybe next year Santa will have to not be so cheap...

Grandma Takahashi came for New Years, and came bearing gifts for the boys. She is so great.
We had Chinese Food for dinner, and grandma made rice bags (as always!).  I don't think I even made it to 12... I am a party pooper.

It was such  fun break and so nice to have Luke not working and hanging out with us.  We missed Angie and Mike in Kingston though...

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