Saturday, March 26, 2016

Dying Easter Eggs

I need to get better at getting out my actual camera and learning how to use it, and take more pictures of everything!  

Anyways, we got a real dumping of snow this week and I knew we wouldn't be venturing out so we dyed some Easter eggs.  I had previously thought we would try using natural dyes, and then thought it wouldn't be worth the mess to do it at all, but then grabbed a kit at the store to fill our snow day. 

 It actually went a lot better than I had thought it would, which basically means that it entertained the boys for longer than 5 minutes and the mess made was minimal (besides the fingers that are still green from the dye).  
 Rai especially enjoyed it and made sure that there was always at least an egg in each of the cups, he just kept dropping them in.  He couldn't have cared less about the actual colors of the eggs.  I just kept pulling the eggs out of the cups, and he would put them in a new one. 
 Tracen found out a few times just how fragile the eggs are, and in the end they all mostly ended up cracked.  
Poor guy was under the weather and had a fever and headache.  

Now our fridge smells like eggs, and Tracen keeps telling me that sometimes his farts smell like that and he does not like that smell hahaha. 

Provo City Center Temple Open House

 The last weekend in February we had the chance to take a whirlwind trip to Provo to attend the Provo City Center Temple open house.  It was so nice to get away for the weekend and spend time with family.  We got there late Friday night and filled our cravings for Cubby's and played with the face swap filter on Snapchat. 

Our boys are early risers and we took advantage of that and went downtown Provo to try Kolaches, I would definetly eat those again. 

 Then we walked down the street to try cornets, something else I would also probably eat again.  Our boys had already eaten breakfast earlier and so they enjoyed ice cream at 9 AM.

We went to the park and played, the best part was Luke and Chet on the teeter-totter without a kid near them.  Erika got a good shot of that.

At around 1 pm we headed to the temple. It was a Saturday and SUPER busy, we had tickets and still had to wait in line for about an hour.  Luke held Tracen sleeping in his arms the entire time, which worked out great because Tracen woke up for the tour and was in a good mood and enjoyed it.  The temple was SO beautiful inside.  The last time I was in there was for a Stake Conference when I was attending BYU, it was fun to reminisce and see Tracen get excited about what he saw.  
Poor Rai is crying for some reason.

We ate delicious BAMBAMS BBQ for a late lunch and then Luke and Chet headed to a basketball game and we stayed behind and Jamie, Erika and I watched Fuller House.  

After church on Sunday we finally got to see the Radfords again for not long enough!  Stori and Tracen picked up right where they left off, except they are a lot better at communicating nowadays.  Long gone are the days when these two were our little babies turned toddlers. 

 Not easy to get all these kids to look at the camera at the same time, and obviously even harder to get a smile.  We can't wait for the next time we get to hang out with them.

Chet made us lunch and then Luke and him had a bit of a nap while Rai did and the girls and I took Tracen to the park.  Then it was a long drive home.  

It was such a quick weekend, but worth all the driving and I think we will need to find a reason to do it again soon.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Too lazy to update

I keep wanting to update my blog, but I have tried 3 times to use my airdrop between my phone and computer and it hasn't worked and it just seems like so much work to actually connect a cord between the two and so I haven't and now I am SO far behind.

3 things about the Allred life right now:

1.  We are expecting another baby at the end of July - another BOY!  Luke and I were both shocked because this pregnancy has been SO different, apparently I have no motherly instincts.  I surprised Luke and found out what we were having while he was away for work and he still jokes about how I "lied" to him.  It was a good surprise.

2.  After that baby news, it doesn't feel like I have anything else to add to this.  Life is flying by at full speed but we did take the opportunity to make a quick (not that quick when it is 8 hours both ways) to Provo to visit family and friends and to see the new Provo City Center temple.  The way Tracen enjoyed it and how he talks about it and draws pictures of it constantly reminds me of just how worth it it was.  I remember going to Stake Conference there when I was at BYU and now it is the most beautiful temple.

3.  The boys have been loving our mild winter days and we cannot wait to have our back yard landscaped, which might happen in the next couple of weeks.  It may not seem too important, but since November Luke has been getting quotes, we have been talking about what we really want and finally we have made a decision.  I can't wait to just let the boys out and play on the grass in a fenced yard!