Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rai turned 2

Our crazy, stubborn, happy boy turned two.  I have been working on him saying how old he is, and usually he answers that he is "doog" (which means good). 

This boy is full of life and talks non-stop.  He still is ready for the day at about 6-6:30 and loves Blaze the Monster Machines.  He loves to sing, and it is quickly becoming one of his favorite parts of nursery.   
Rai usually loves some cuddles, and he LOVES Tracen and trying to do everything that Tracen does. Rai's copycat ways usually end up in the two of them fighting, and if it is a physical fight, he usually wins.  I love the moments when the two boys are playing happily together, or holding hands on a walk etc.  He really wants to be treated as Tracen's equal and he notices when things are not the same between them (often crying when we drop Tracen off at school because he wants to go too).
Rai loves to eat applesauce, and waffles and fruit.  He recently has started to refuse the food on his plate, and only want (the same) food from Luke or I's plate. 
He has started to carry toys around with him, usually an action figure or two, or a car or two. 

For his birthday we got him a little bike, and he loves that thing.  He was so determined to ride it the whole way to the end of our street and back, I am not used to having a boy not give up and having to carry or ride the bike back home.  
I still can't believe it has been 2 years since we welcomed him into our family, I sure can't imagine life without him.  


Our Easter was pretty low-key and it was perfect to really reflect on what Easter and the Savior mean to me.  We did venture out in the snow to what was supposed to be an egg hunt, that ended up being a lot more like Halloween.  The boys were thrilled.  

Isn't this the best picture of them on Easter morning? 

They enjoyed having the Easter Bunny come, and the Easter Bunny didn't buy enough candy and so he emptied all his change into some eggs, which I think was even better for the boys.