Thursday, August 4, 2016

two weeks

Tracen has been tracking how many days old Mylo is because i told him the older he gets, the more awake he will be.  When he found out that tomorrow he'll be 15 days old he said, "He's gonna be so awake tomorrow".   In these pictures he's 14 days old. 

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of cuddles and apparently doing way too much because i felt great and then came down with mastitis and have basically been just trying to nurse and nap and take hot baths most of this week.  I think I am finally starting to feel better again... but I'll be taking it easier now.  it's been humbling and i can't be grateful enough for my Mom who extended her stay and has been taking great care of all of us, especially Tracen and Rai.


Anonymous said...

I love him! And you take great pictures of him. So happy for you and your family! Love you ;) - Jacqui

KandyJill said...

Did you make his swaddle? Or buy it? I love it.