Monday, September 26, 2016

Mylo's blessing in Canada

The main reason for our last minute trip to Canada was so that we could give Mylo a name and a blessing with family.  Our trip to Canada started off a little defeating as it took us 3 hours to make it 1.5 hours due to everyone being on different schedules (Potty breaks, hungry babies and more potty breaks) finally when we all got back to the same kind of schedule we were able to make good time.  The long two days of driving were worth it, and almost all of both of our families were able to be there.  Jamie and Chet and Erika surprised us drove up from Utah for the weekend so they could be there too!  I probably said and felt it a million times, but the worst part of living in Colorado is living SO far from family.  

So crazy to think that we are a family of FIVE now.  

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