Monday, November 14, 2016

Yaya Farms and pumpkin patching

These pictures are a bit out of order, and I am too lazy to correct them.  Anyways, I took the boys to this farm called YaYa farms and promised them a pumpkin patch there.  Well, we got to the farm, which was beautiful and fun, but there were no pumpkins left.  The boys enjoyed a tractor hay-ride, some apple cider donuts, turkey and chicken gawking and apple orchard walking, but were disappointed that we didn't get pumpkins.  On our drive to the farm, I had seen a sign for a pumpkin patch, and decided to check it out on our way home.  It was a family run place, and in the middle of nowhere at their farm, and it was perfect!  So perfect that we went back again a few days later with our friends.

Sept-Oct activities

I am not sure that there could have been a better fall than the one we had this year.  The end of September and October were beautiful and I tried my best to take the boys on as many adventures as we could.  It makes us all so much happier to get out of the house and be outside. 

This day we went to Lair o' the bear park and gathered things that we could match later. 

I couldn't let Canadian Thanksgiving go by without making a pie, even though I couldn't eat it.  Baking is so therapeutic for me, I should probably do more of it for the purpose. 

When our schedules get busy and it feels like we haven't seen Luke too much, we try to meet him for lunch.  It is the perfect way to break up our day. 

Canadian thanksgiving, we decided on doing a roast instead of turkey, and Tracen helped me get the table decorated and set.  

Halloween cookies were a hit and so much fun! We even put together a few kits for our friends to decorate.

Tracen had his first field trip to the WOW museum and was at school longer than usual.  I decided it would be a great chance to take Rai (and Mylo) to the zoo.  I thought Rai would enjoy the extra attention, but it was as if he didn't know how to act without his brother.  There were lots of tears and sadness, but when we got back to the car he exclaimed, "Mom, that was SO fun!" 

Don't be fooled, this boy does NOT want to be potty trained at all. 

We have been enjoying going to the park after school almost every day with some of Tracen's friends from school.  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Watermelon and Best friend dates

We accidentally picked our big watermelon too early and it was white inside still, I need to remember to google how to ripen and know when to cut into it, but we had a little one that we left for longer and it was pink and actually tasted delicious!  I was so surprised that we could even grow anything, let alone watermelon.

Kaiti and Colin came into town and we got to go on a date with them (and brought Mylo because I would feel too bad leaving him with a babysitter, because of all his crying).   It was so fun and I love Kaiti to pieces, we always pick up like no time has passed and I love getting to know Colin better.  I hope they come back soon and we can hang out more, or even better, that they move here!

My Boys