Monday, November 14, 2016

Yaya Farms and pumpkin patching

These pictures are a bit out of order, and I am too lazy to correct them.  Anyways, I took the boys to this farm called YaYa farms and promised them a pumpkin patch there.  Well, we got to the farm, which was beautiful and fun, but there were no pumpkins left.  The boys enjoyed a tractor hay-ride, some apple cider donuts, turkey and chicken gawking and apple orchard walking, but were disappointed that we didn't get pumpkins.  On our drive to the farm, I had seen a sign for a pumpkin patch, and decided to check it out on our way home.  It was a family run place, and in the middle of nowhere at their farm, and it was perfect!  So perfect that we went back again a few days later with our friends.

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Mariko said...

These photos are beautiful!! I keep saying to Austin, we should go to CO, Alana would totally host us, haha.