Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Better late than never right?  I just found this Halloween draft in my blogger, so it is time to post! Even if I can't remember anything about these pictures.  

We painted pumpkins, which Rai still talks about all the time and asks to do it.  Such a simple activity that left a mark.  Maybe we should paint some rocks or something. 

For MONTHs, i kid you not, even before Mylo was born, Tracen talked about them being Alvin and the Chipmunks for Halloween.  I got their costumes put together and Tracen saw himself in the mirror and hated it.  he didn't think he looked cool at all, and so he ended up being Iron Man and then a skeleton.   Poor guy thought i was trying to make him bad and have the kids make fun of him.  Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of the 3 of them dressed as the Chipmunks.  Rai still rocked his Alvin costume though and made the perfect little Alvin. 

Some brain cake i made for the Ward Party that I didn't end up going to. 

Tracen made his own Halloween decorations and I found these little drawings everywhere around the house.  He learned to use tape and not glue afterwards. 

And we even carved pumpkins!  It was late and we probably should have put them to bed and Luke had work stuff going on, but Tracen was SO happy that we just took a breath and spent the 20 minutes carving and he got some undivided attention from Luke.  It's the little things and that special attention that means so much. 

I got to be a parent volunteer for Tracen's class party.  And I was the only Mom dressed up.  I felt a little weird, but Tracen thought it was awesome that I dressed up. 

On Halloween we ended up walking down to the Browns house and they took us with them to the Jones' family Halloween party, they had a hayride that Luke took the boys on and they went on it to a different part of the neighborhood and trick-or-treated over there.  They had such a good time.  

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Erika said...

You make being a witch look trendy. I love tracen's decorations, they are SO cute!