Tuesday, March 7, 2017


This first hike (was actually a walk) I made the boys do and they were all super hot and grumpy.  Hahaha.  Everyone was happier when we went and got lunch afterwards, but they love me and do these things with me even if they don't love it.  I don't blame them, it was a lot hotter than we had anticipated.  

This next hike was up to St. Mary's Glacier.  You basically walk up an old river bed, and it is definitely a hike.  But it was pretty short and SO worth it.  
I cringe each time I look at this picture.  Poor Rai fell and hit his head on a rock.  


Radfords said...

You guys are rocking the "parent of three," thing! And that picture of you holding mylo is seriously one of my favorite of you! You are tiny! Alsooooo, I LOVE that you took a pic of Rai mid-cry with that bump on his noggin haha. It's so cute but so sad.

Erika said...

I love Hikes! Your boys are so cute and I want to go on a hike with you all!