Saturday, April 22, 2017


Easter this year felt so special.  Perhaps it was the personal study I was putting into The Holy Week, or the calendar of events that we studied as a family from The Small Seed, but it just felt like we spent more time dwelling on the real meaning of Easter.  Tracen kept telling us that Jesus is way more important than chocolate, and he really feels it.  He also tells us that "love" is the most powerful word, and that we need to love everyone like God and Jesus.  

That being said, we did enjoy a visit from the Easter Bunny.  

The Easter Bunny gave the boys lots of change for their piggy banks instead of lots of candy.  And even then, Rai ate all his treats so quick!  Then he cried and cried and begged to eat Tracen's and Mylo's. 

I was shocked when Tracen ate a few things and then asked if he could save the rest for another day.  I guess he is growing up. 

Little Mylo slept through the egg hunt, but was excited to try to eat his chocolate bunny, play with empty plastic eggs and chew on his new book. 

And while Luke was at a church meeting for all of Sunday morning, and I attempted to get a picture of the boys all dressed nice.  A lot harder than one would think. But I love these imperfect pictures, because they are real life. 

Mylo spit up just prior to this picture

We opted out of a big Easter dinner with friends, and just had a quiet special dinner as a family and then a walk to the park.  It was just what we needed and was the perfect way to help us feel the special spirit that can accompany easter.


Radfords said...

Parents of the year! You've inspired me to do better next Easter, for sure. Do you remember the F•R•I•E•N•D•S (that took way too long to write that out like that) episode where Rachel's sister wants to be a baby stylist? Well, you could totally make that your career, and make a lot of money doing it. I swear your kids are flawless.

jacqui said...

Outfits on point!! I think that I want to pin them all on pinterest ;)....probably not kidding about that.