Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rai's Golden Birthday!

 We have been talking about Rai's birthday for months now.  All he wanted was a Blaze and the Monster Machine's cake that was blue and he was going to share it with everyone.  That is exactly what he got and what he did.  We had his friends and their families come over to eat his favorite Chick-fil-A and then have cake and ice cream.  Rai played so hard while everyone was here and went to bed happy.  
Rai is such a special part of our family.  He gives us glimpses into heaven all the time, smiles with his eyes, loves to play play play and imagine all the time.  He loves to eat fruit, be captain America ninja turtle, and do whatever it is Tracen is doing.  He is a little mischievous and constantly is innocently creating messes.  He is stubborn and loving and I couldn't love him more.  

Still trying to get the hang of holding up 3 fingers. 

The best gift that Rai got for his birthday was a HUGE dumping of snow last night.  So today he longingly looked out the window wanting to go play in it.  And he spent a good hour outside this morning and would probably have lasted longer if we didn't have to go get Tracen from school.


Radfords said...

My favorite days are the days you update your blog!! Your kids seem to be changing so fast!! I didn't even recognize mylo in these---not that I've seen him in real life, but just from pictures when he was younger. I want to go to Colorado and see all your favorite spots!!

Erika said...

This makes me so happy! He is so cute and I love that as he gets older relationships are so important to him. Also that cake looks delicious