Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Break part I

Why is nothing in order? And why am I too lazy to rearrange all the photos?  OH man.  Well, Spring Break came and went and although we didn't go anywhere (like most of Tracen's class) we had a great staycation, even if most of our destinations were packed because of weather and it being Spring Break. Like the pool, where we battled the crowds and then ended up not being able to swim because someone pooped in the pool, I wasn't about to wait around the 2 hours for it to be reopen.  It wasn't a complete let-down because we played at the APEX treehouse for a while instead.

One morning we went with some of Tracen's friends from school to Jump City.  It was CRAZY!! So many kids, so many different places to jump and so many opinions on where to be.  The boys loved it and I survived and managed to make it out without losing any of the boys for too long.  

The week before spring break the weather was amazing!  it felt like summer and we spent most of our time outside and lots of time playing at the park.  If only that weather had stuck around for our break. 

We got in some Top Golf the first weekend of spring break.  

I tried to hit one ball, everyone made fun of me, and I think that is the end of my golf career. 

 Tracens new chore.  I too enjoy matching socks, but I will gladly let him help me out. 

The first couple nights of the break we set up our tent in the empty dining room.  We had a family movie night and although bedtime got a little tricky, it was a fun and memorable time for us all.  

Mylo had his first experience in the seats of the cart at Costco.  How is he already this big? 

On Monday, which was the day with the best weather, I had planned to take the boys to the zoo.  We packed a lunch, drove there and the parking lot was a zoo, I couldn't find a place to park and figured we better pass on it, everyone else had had the same idea. We are fortunately zoo members, so we can go back any other time.  Instead I thought we would go do a simple hike I had googled.  When we got there I realized it was inside a state park where you had to pay cash and put a permit in your window. I had NO cash.  It was disappointing.  I let the boys eat some food and throw some rocks while I fed Mylo and then we drove back to the park right by our house.   We spent almost 2 hours that morning just driving from place to place only to end up right back close to home. 

We had the boys sleep in the tent so we could work on their room.  I painted it white while Luke finally got around to the feature wall we had talked about for a while.  I love how it turned out and now I want to get the rest of the room feeling like this little corner. 

 We went to Beauty and the Beast and all LOVEd it. 

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Erika said...

The last picture of them laying on the bed reminds me of those pictures that victor took of us when we were kids :)